Treat Your Customers First Class

When people think about an onboarding experience they usually think - front end developer. The product manager. Or that UX/UI guy.

Could be they don't think about technology all.

An onboarding experience is the job of your entire company and brand. Let's look at that deeper.

Client onboarding is the first impression somebody has of your company culture.

Let's use a trip on an airplane as an example, a flight.

When you board an aircraft you're greeted politely by well-dressed representatives of the Airline.

You are then asked and presented to the proper row in which your assigned seat will be.

Following this you are instructed to load your luggage above you or to the seat in front of you.

Then you're told that you need to listen to the safety instructions and pay close attention to the correct safety processes.

Should there be the case of any emergencies. You, the individual will understand how to react.

During the flight, you are catered to with basic needs (food and drink).

If you're on a long haul, maybe you get a blanket and an extra snack.

You may have a hostess is checking on you to see if everything is going smoothly.

You can watch a movie or you might be offered some headphones.

The airline is taking care of you while you are in their responsibility.

Finally the aircraft begins to descend.

The captain and his copilot have notified you that you are 30 minutes from your destination.

When you land, you can take your belongings and you may depart from the aircraft.

While you depart you are thanked by the crew for your business and asked to fly again with their company.

You are on your way to collect luggage or meet a connecting flight.

The journey is finished.

The airplane analogy is easy because it's a great relation to an actual client experience, that most people have experienced.

You probably found your ticket from a website or a partner who connected you.

The representatives who greeted you on the aircraft, are yourself and your team.

The aircraft is your office and the flight is the duration of the project.

Everything that happens should be catering to your client.

Instructing them how you work.

Respecting their basic needs during the project. And following the expectations that have been provided to you in return.

After you're done your project, which here was presented as a flight. You and your client go your separate ways, taking your content with you.

Maybe you had an awesome flight. Maybe you really felt like you were in First Class.

Or your luggage was broken, You sat next to a crying baby the entire leg. Your hostess was rude.

Maybe they served you stale bread and asked you to pay for it.

The airline process is a customer experience and an onboarding. Don't let your brand serve bad flights.

Make your customers feel like they were flying in First Class.

Build company culture focusing on delivering the best possible service for your product.

Will your flight impress your customer enough to bring you more business?

Will they tell their friends how much they liked your company?

Did you deliver them outstanding service?

Was the flight on time?

Did the results of your work make them want to show it off and tell their friends?

You want to provide as much information as possible to your customer and get as much feedback in return.

While going through this journey together. It could mean further business for your company.

To craft a really strong impression from your company, your onboarding experience needs to reflect three basic needs.

  1. Showcasing company culture.
  2. Presenting your work culture and its expectations.
  3. Anticipating basic client needs and serving them before they realise they need them.

Coming up, we'll show you how we crafted our onboarding experience.